Travel Tips

On the day that you will be departing for Barbados, please whatsapp us at 1 246 845 8644 to let us know:

1. If your flight is departing for Barbados earlier or later than it was scheduled to.  Doing this will allow is to notify your taxi driver of the change to your arrival time, so that they can be at the airport when you arrive.
2. What you will be wearing when you arrive to Barbados. You can either Whatsapp us a pic or a written description. Providing us with a photo or a description of your clothing will allow your taxi driver to easily identify you when you exit the airport.
3. When you are preparing to board your flight to Barbados.

Complete items 1, 2 & 3 above while you still have access to wifi or data at home and/or at an airport.  Please do not wait until you have boarded the flight to attempt to Whatsapp us the required information since you may not be able to connect to the airport’s wifi from on board the aircraft.

Upon your arrival to Barbados
When you exit the airport Barbados, you will be picked up from the airport by an Embassy Lodge” taxi .  Your taxi driver will be wearing a *RED shirt with a logo that says Embassy Lodge

Your taxi driver will be one of the following persons:
1. Mr. Troy Shepherd (Vehicle# PA596)
2. Mr. Juel Millar (Vehicle# Z695)
3. Mrs. Goldene Millar (Vehicle# Z475)
4. Mrs. Vivian Mullin (Vehicle# ZM131)

Please notify us immediately at 1 246 845 8644 if your driver is not waiting outside when you exit the airport in Barbados.