DHL Passport Shipping

If you decide to leave your passport in Barbados, please confirm with the airline(s) that you will be travelling with that they will allow you to travel on another form of ID.  Also, find out from the airline(s) which other forms of ID will be accepted during check-in at the airport.

Passport Pickup & Shipping

If you would like for us to pick up your passport from DHL in Barbados and ship it to you there will be a $10 US  pickup fee plus the DHL shipping fee.

Passport Shipping Fees
From Barbados to:

Antigua – $130
British Virgin Islands (BVI)
St. Lucia
St. Vincent

Required Documents

The following documentation is required by DHL to allow DiploTravel to pickup your passport on your behalf and ship it.

Authorization Letter (provide link to DiploTravel prewritten authorization letter on going Barbados website)
National ID
Your  national ID signature MUST be on the authorization letter
JP signature and stamp